The Skill To Defend You

How an ignition interlock device can get you back on the road

One of the many potential consequences that come from operating while intoxicated (OWI) allegations in Indiana is the loss of your license to drive. For many individuals, the suspension of their license can be one of the more troubling consequences of pending OWI charges.

You may not want to become dependent on others for transportation to work or other obligations, and you may not be able to afford to hop in a taxi or rideshare service every time you need to get somewhere.

Although many people look at them as a punishment, an ignition interlock device (IID) can be a tool to help people retain their independence and get back on the road during the process of fighting OWI charges or after a conviction or guilty plea.

An IID is often part of any restrictive license you obtain

If you can argue that losing your license completely will place an undue hardship on you or your household, the courts may allow you to secure a restricted license. This restricted license may limit where you can drive, as well as the times of day when you can operate the vehicle.

More importantly, one of the restrictions may be that you can only legally drive a vehicle with an IID installed. If you get caught operating a vehicle without an IID, you could lose your restricted license.

An IID can help you demonstrate your responsible driving habits

Clearly, the point of an IID is to detect someone’s impairment before they start a car and prevent repeat offenses by those already convicted of or charged with impaired driving offenses. While keeping people with alcohol in their bloodstream from starting a vehicle helps keep the public safe, an IID in your vehicle could actually help you as a driver dealing with a restricted license.

Every time you perform a test, the device will make a record of the lack of alcohol in your breath sample. If you can show that you have driven your vehicle with an IID for many months without having issues starting the vehicle due to alcohol on your breath, it will be easier to claim that you have made responsible driving decisions and learned from the alleged mistakes that led to your arrest in the first place.