The Skill To Defend You

Arguments that may lead to dismissal of some traffic violations

It has happened again. While driving south on a busy street, you pass a police vehicle in pursuit of another car. Your fortunes are about to change. The police officer abandons the chase of the other vehicle and focuses his attention on you, pulling you over for another speeding violation.

You cannot afford another ticket in more ways than one. It will only add to your already tall stack of numerous driving offenses, thus threatening your ability to drive. And losing your license could lead to losing your job as you need your car for work. What do you do?

Actions were justified, officer made mistake

You fear getting your license suspended or revoked. However, some defenses exist on your behalf in traffic violation situations. Perhaps the officer made a mistake in observation when stopping you or tree branches obscured the stop sign, leading to you driving through the intersection.

Perhaps your driving was justified in order to avoid a collision with a drunk driver. A similar argument is that your actions prevented any harm from happening. For example, speeding was necessary in order to avoid an accident or a sudden swerve required to avoid striking a pedestrian.

Such defenses may work in cases related to:

  • Speeding
  • Careless driving
  • Ignoring traffic signals and signs such as failure to stop and yield

In working with a legal ally, you must focus on a strategy toward reducing your fines, keeping demerit points off your license and avoiding a jail sentence.