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Sealing Old Criminal Records

Many Americans have been accused, tried and convicted of a crime, served their time, paid their fines and have turned over a new leaf in their lives. Unfortunately, their criminal records can follow them around, interfering with their ability to secure employment.

If you are in this position, you know how frustrating and damaging it can be.

Fortunately, there may be a way to protect yourself from the effects of old criminal convictions. Indiana allows people who have been convicted of certain types of crimes to seal their criminal records through a process called expungement.

Put Your Past Behind You

At the Sam Shapiro Law Office located in Bloomington, I have helped many people to protect their futures through both misdemeanor expungement and felony expungement. I know the eligibility requirements and the procedures and strategies that can help.

Expungement in Indiana requires you to file a specific type of lawsuit against the conviction in the county where your conviction occurred. I can help you understand the requirements and help you put together all your paperwork. You will also have to pay a civil lawsuit filing fee.

State law also requires a waiting period before an old criminal record can be sealed. Some negotiations can help clients to help speed up that waiting period so that they can more quickly put their pasts behind them and reach their fullest employment potential.

For Experienced Help In Expungement

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My office is in Bloomington, Indiana, and I represent people from all over the state in cases involving expungement, drunk driving, drug charges and more.