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Drug Crime Charges Can Change Your Future

A conviction for a drug offense can change the rest of your life. Although society has lessened punishments for marijuana offenses, certain quantities of marijuana can still constitute a felony. Other drugs, such as methamphetamine, cocaine, LSD, MDMA (or ecstasy), or heroin, can subject you to a permanent felony that follows you for the rest of your life. Oftentimes, these drugs also carry a significant amount of jail time or even prison. 

If you are facing a charge for a drug crime, you need the help of an experienced attorney. At Sam Shapiro Law Office, we have been helping individuals accused of drug offenses for decades.

We Defend Clients From A Variety Of Drug Crime Charges

Our clients are facing charges like:

  • Possession
  • Possession with intent to manufacture, finance or deliver
  • Manufacturing
  • Trafficking or dealing

As well as other charges that can sometimes be involved in drug offenses, like weapons charges.

Founding attorney Sam Shapiro previously worked in the prosecutor’s office, giving him unique insight into what the other side might try in order to get a conviction. He brings this insight to each client’s case, crafting strategic defenses that work to get the best possible outcome, whether that means pleading to a lesser charge or seeking an acquittal at trial.

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The firm focuses exclusively on criminal defense, allowing us to truly hone our skills in this area. To speak with a skilled attorney, you can reach our Bloomington office at 812-336-8192, or send us an email 24/7 through our online contact form. We look forward to hearing from you and defending you from allegations of drug offenses.