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Criminal Matters Require Exceptional Experience

Facing charges like drunk driving, drug crimes or sex crimes is daunting. Your freedom and your future are at stake. A conviction can affect both you and your loved ones. You need the help of an attorney with years of courtroom experience.

Experienced Criminal Defense Services

Having once worked in a prosecutor’s office, founding attorney Sam Shapiro understands what you’re up against. The criminal justice system holds on to the accused and often does not let go. However, Attorney Shapiro puts his experience to work defending clients now. He uses his unique blend of skills and experience to craft the right defense strategy for you. For each case, he uses:

  • His experience on the other side. Working in the prosecutor’s office taught Mr. Shapiro what the other side looks for in making their case. That gives him a unique advantage when planning a defense.
  • Strategy. The most important thing in facing criminal charges is to find the right strategy. In some cases, that means being aggressive and moving quickly. In other cases, that means slowing the process down. Each case is unique. We are strategic in our decision-making and design every step to protect your rights.
  • Experience. The firm is devoted exclusively to criminal defense. We have more than 40 years of experience protecting clients’ rights in criminal cases.

These qualities allow us to create defense strategies that work to get our clients the best possible outcome. That can mean acquittal at trial, lesser charges, favorable plea agreements or dismissal of charges altogether.

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