The Skill To Defend You

Things You Should Ask An Attorney Before Hiring Them

1. How long have you been a lawyer? _________
2. Have you ever tried a jury trial? _______
3. Have you ever won a jury trial? ________
4. Are you named to Indiana Super Lawyers list? _____________
5. Are you a member of the National College for DUI Defense? __________
6. When did you last win a jury trial? ________________________
7. What offenses were charged in the criminal defense jury trials that you won? _________
8. Have you handled a case with the same charges I am facing?________
9. Have you handled any OWI/DUI death jury trials?___________________
10. Are you a member of the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers? ___________
11. Can I research cases that you have participated in to see jury trial results or appeal results? _________________________
12.Can you estimate how many OWI/DUI cases you have taken to jury trial?_________________________
13. Have you given any presentations at seminars by speaking or presenting materials to other lawyers, police or prosecutors? _________________________
14. Have you argued any criminal defense cases before the Indiana Court of Appeals or Supreme Court?___________________
15. Is your practice limited to criminal defense? _____________