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Getting back on the road after a license suspension

Having a suspended driver’s license can be extremely inconvenient and can make even the simplest of errands more difficult. Whether it’s getting to work, buying groceries or bringing your kids to school, you want to get back on the road as soon as possible.

Here are some options you can explore with a suspended driver’s license.

1. Wait it out

Depending on the case, the BMV could suspend your license anywhere from a few months to several years. If your suspension time is short enough and you can arrange other driving accommodations, it may be worth it to simply wait for your suspension period to lift. Driving with a suspended license can result in serious penalties.

Once your waiting period has lifted, you may have to fill out a reinstatement form and pay a fee to get your license back.

2. File for a hardship license

Even with alternative transportation options, resuming daily life without a license may seem impossible. Luckily, there is a way for drivers with a suspended license to get back on the road. You can work with an attorney to file a petition to receive a hardship driver’s license. This license would allow you to drive to and from school or work. The court that suspended your license will determine your eligibility.

3. Attend a driver safety program

Indiana provides a variety of driving programs for drivers with suspended licenses. These courses cover basic rules of the road and tips to help attendees drive safely. They usually require a small fee and take a minimum of four hours to complete.

Attending one of these programs will not immediately reinstate your driver’s license, but it may shorten your suspension period.

4. Appeal your suspension

If you believe your license was wrongly suspended, you can challenge the BMV’s decision. An attorney can help you determine if you are eligible for an appeal and work out the details of your claim.