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Man on plane convicted of sexual assault

A jury in Detroit took four hours to convict a man charged with sexual assault of a fellow passenger on a plane. The man was found guilty of digitally penetrating a 22-year-old woman sitting in the window seat next to him during a flight from Las Vegas to Detroit in January. He was traveling alongside his wife at the time of the attack. The victim was jolted awake to find her shirt unbuttoned, brae undone and the man’s hand inside her unzipped pants.

Problems on multiple fronts

As is often the case with criminal charges, this conviction leads to other problems. The 35-year-old man, a project manager for a tech firm, was on a work visa from India. Obviously, his career has been put on hold. He now faces potential life in prison here in the U.S., but if that sentence is reduced, it is likely that he will be deported after serving his time. The sentencing is scheduled for December 12.

Man admits to crimes during interview

It is never advisable to lie to law enforcement, but those facing potential charges do not serve their best interests by volunteering information. The man admitted to the charges while being interviewed by FBI. The man also claimed that he had taken a pill and does not recall the incident, but the man’s wife says it was Tylenol.

Reports of sexual abuse and assault

The close proximity of passengers sometimes leads to accidental touching that may be construed as sexual in nature. Obviously, the man was rightfully charged with sexual assault, and admitted to the crime, but this may not always be the case. If someone accuses you of sexual assault, it is wise to keep calm and step back. It is also wise to contact an attorney as soon as possible if law enforcement is involved. Innocent or guilty, it is always best to ensure your legal rights are protected, particularly if the nature of the assault is unclear.