The Skill To Defend You

Woman’s poor judgment led to series of charges

People have lapses in judgment sometimes. The trick is to avoid making life-changing mistakes or harm others. A Florida woman would be doing better if she had exhibited some common sense, but instead she did quite the opposite and it has led to serious problems.

The woman was driving her Chevy Tahoe in June with a suspended license when she hit a sheriff’s patrol car in the parking lot of the St. Lucie County jail. She was actually in the parking lot reserved for law enforcement personnel when she passed a parking spot. Rather than moving on to the next spot, she reversed the large SUV and hit the Sheriff’s car. According to a local news story, she said in an affidavit that she was “too lazy to walk from the public parking lot.”

Making matters worse

The driver’s truck was subsequently searched and law enforcement found a container of marijuana and a wooden pipe in her purse. The driver was charged with knowingly driving while her license was suspended, possession of less than 20 grams of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Common sense starts with speaking with an attorney

While this woman made some very poor choices, the smartest way for her or anyone address these problems is to seek out an attorney. While in this particular case the woman will likely face a range of stiff penalties, an attorney may be able to work with the courts to reduce the charges if she goes through a chemical dependency program. Perhaps this leads to other smart decisions down the line where she doesn’t hurt herself or others with reckless behavior.