The Skill To Defend You

A DUI affects college kids now and far into the future

You might think it’s okay to go out for a few drinks with friends while you’re in college, but, depending on the circumstances, you could end up costing yourself more than a few dollars. If you get behind the wheel and drive, you could end up with a drunk driving charge and face serious penalties and long-term consequences.

You’re too young to have to worry about a single mistake ruining your future. Despite that, if you’re already in trouble with the law, there are some things you can do to help yourself. For example, coming to court on time, taking an alcohol awareness program, going to addiction treatment or agreeing to driving restrictions and classes could help you reduce or eliminate the charges against you, so your past doesn’t follow you into your future.

How does getting a DUI affect your life in and after college?

Right away, understand that a DUI might end up being reported to your school, even if it doesn’t take place on campus. As a result, you could lose federal funding or scholarships, making it harder to finish your degree. If you are pursuing a degree in which you need a professional license, you may find that you cannot get one, at least in the near future. Some professions immediately disqualify you if you have a criminal record or DUI. You’ll likely lose your ability to drive, which could cost you your job or make getting to class difficult.

Don’t take the risk of losing out on your future. If you’re accused of drinking and driving, it’s in your best interests to do everything you can to eliminate the risk of a conviction or a conviction that affects your criminal record. Your future is at stake, since a DUI has the potential to affect you for many years.