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Expungement in Indiana can help you put your past behind you

If you have arrest or conviction on your record, you may struggle to find a job or housing. A criminal record can follow you after you serve your time and fulfill your punishment.

Fortunately, Indiana law allows you to seal your record from background checks by employers or housing providers. The Second Chance Law lets you make a one-time petition to seal records that prevent you from being an active member of society.

Second Chance Law lets you seal criminal records

In Indiana, you can seal or expunge misdemeanors and certain felonies from your criminal record under the Second Chance Law. While the records don’t disappear and still show up on background checks run by police or criminal courts, the records don’t show up on any other background checks.

Rules for an expungement petition in Indiana

Expungement in Indiana lets you seal an arrest record a year after the arrest if there was no conviction. For convictions, you must wait five years after conviction for a misdemeanor and eight years after conviction for a low-level felony before filing for expungement. However, you can ask a prosecutor to let you file before this time is up.

Indiana law only allows you to petition for expungement once in your lifetime. Make sure to consult with an attorney before petitioning to make sure everything goes through correctly.

Expungement lets you move on from the past

After you serve your time and pay all your fines, you want to move on from your arrest or conviction. Unfortunately, many employers run a background check before hiring new employees. A criminal record can prevent you from getting a good job. Housing providers may also run background checks before letting you sign a lease. These restrictions can leave you feeling like your punishment never ends.

Expungement can help you move on from past mistakes. By sealing your record, you can improve your life with access to better paying jobs and housing. You can move forward without your record holding you back.