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What to do if you’re pulled over for suspicion of DUI

Police officers are always on the lookout for drivers showing signs of intoxication. If you are pulled over for suspicion of DUI, it’s natural to be nervous. It’s also likely that you’ll make a mistake, especially if you’ve never been in this position before.

There are several important steps to take if you’re pulled over for suspicion of DUI in Indiana:

  • Quickly move to the shoulder of the road: You don’t want to give the officer reason to believe you’re trying to get away. Put on your hazard lights, slow down and move to safety. If the shoulder of the road is not an option, continue driving until you reach a safe place, such as a parking lot.
  • Remain courteous: You don’t have to be overly friendly with the officer, but you want to treat them with respect. Talking back or explaining your legal rights will not go over well.
  • You don’t have to incriminate yourself: Even though you want to respect the officer, it doesn’t mean you have to incriminate yourself. The 5th Amendment gives you the right to remain silent.
  • Being honest probably won’t help: For example, telling the officer that you “only had one drink” isn’t going to do much to help you. In fact, it’s likely to work against you, as the officer now knows you have alcohol in your system.
  • Keep your cool: This is hard to do, especially if you are put under arrest, but it’s important. This allows you to pay attention to everything that’s happening. It also helps avoid additional charges, such as resisting arrest. Once again, remember that you have the right to remain silent.

The only surefire way to avoid a DUI arrest is to stay away from the wheel of your vehicle if you’ve been drinking.

If you’re arrested for driving under the influence, your day in court will come soon enough. As you work toward it, learn more about your legal rights and the defense strategy you can use to avoid a conviction. With the right approach, you may be able to put your charges in the past without any additional impact on your life.

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