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Videotaping can lead to arrest

A janitor working at Bloomington High School North was arrested recently for secretly videotaping 13-year-old girls in the school’s locker room. According to news reports, the janitor placed his personal cell phone in a bag of laundry and left it in the girls’ locker room. The bag had a hole in it that enabled the device to videotape the girls while they were in the locker room changing out of their swimsuits.

The eagle-eyed teens noticed the hole and what looked like the lens of an iPhone camera inside. They then dug the camera out of the bag, realized it was videotaping and gave it to their coach. The janitor then came back to the locker room looking for his phone, which he then received from the coach. Parents subsequently called the police.

Janitor admits wrongdoing

The police arrested janitor, who reportedly gave conflicting stories. He admitted to recording videos, using his smart watch to synchronize the phone’s video recordings in real time. The defendant says that this was an isolated incident, but police are not so sure. They are seeking access of the phone and watch.

No word yet on charges

There is currently no word on what charges the janitor will face because the investigation is ongoing, but they are likely to be serious. Federal laws for first time offenders obtaining or producing pornography can include fines and sentences that range from 15 to 30 years in prison. He will also likely be labeled a sex offender.

Invasion of privacy an issue for all

Individuals or businesses will sometimes have cameras for surveillance purposes. This is legal; however, there are issues of privacy when using a hidden camera. Even parents using a nanny cam have to be careful of where they place the camera. Open spaces such as a living room or bedroom is okay, but a bathroom is off limits because this is considered an invasion of privacy, which could lead to criminal charges or a civil suit.

While this janitor will likely face serious charges, children or adults caught videotaping with a hidden camera (or without the knowledge of the subject) can face charges. It is best to avoid this kind of behavior even in jest. If a loved one is caught videotaping, it is best to seek legal guidance from an attorney immediately.