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A refresher on IU guns laws

Hunting season is upon us once again. It is a great way to get out of town and experience nature with the company of friends and family. However, it is important to remember that those on campus must adhere to specific rules regarding weapons. This includes those who live in Indiana University housing, attend classes, are employed by the school or are simply on the IU property.

Possession of a firearm is prohibited

Regardless of whether the gun is for hunting, going to the range or self-defense, the fact remains that IU prohibits the possession of a firearm, or any other dangerous weapon, on its property. This rule supersedes any legal permit a student, visitor, volunteer or employee may have, but does not apply to on- or off-duty law enforcement.

Penalties for violations

The school outlines its policies on its website. The short version is that disciplinary actions can include being expelled or terminated from the university. Those not a member of the school’s community will be removed from school property and charges of trespassing may also be pursued by the school.

An alert will be issued

If a weapon is spotted on campus, the Indiana University Police Department issues an emergency alert instructing students and staff to take shelter and lock doors. A second alert is sent with an all clear notice. Some may remember this happening in April of 2018.

Guns are a way of life for some

Some in the IU community grew up around guns and are used to them. However, the school is quite clear on its policy. An oversight on the part of a hunter likely will not get them thrown out of school, but they still may face disciplinary action and potentially have something on their record. If there is a hearing, an attorney may be helpful in guiding them through the process and protecting their rights.