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Prior DUI Convictions May Have Cost Messer A Senate Seat

There are many life-changing consequences to getting convicted of a DUI. U.S. Senate candidate Luke Messer opted not to publicly disclose the fact that he had twice been convicted for driving under the influence before running for public office. Ironically, initially Messer filled a seat that was vacated in 2003 by former State Representative Roland Stine, who had died a month earlier because he was a victim in a drunk driving accident.

DUI Convictions Once Again Hobbles Candidacy

Now in a surprise loss to newcomer Mike Braun in the Republican Primary race for the U.S. Senate in 2018, Messer’s political career was likely hobbled by this DUI revelation. Both convictions happened when Messer was in his 20s.

According to an article at, Messer personally revealed his history of DUI offenses to Stine’s wife and daughter around the time of the initial appointment to the empty seat. Messer later was elected to replace Vice President Mike Pence’s U.S. Congressional seat when he chose to run for governor in 2012.

Messer is far from the first elected official to be charged with a DUI – former president George W. Bush is the highest profile example – but it is a timely reminder of the impact a DUI conviction has upon one’s life. News of the second DUI was made public in 2009, while the first was revealed in 2012.

Protecting Your Rights

It is often best to aggressively fight any DUI charges with the help of a knowledgeable criminal defense attorney. An experienced attorney can protect your rights and shed light on any irregularities in the prosecution’s case. Typical examples of this would be:

  • Challenge whether law enforcement had probable cause
  • Challenge the results of the roadside test
  • Challenge the procedure of conducting the test
  • Challenge the operation or maintenance of a breathalyzer

The right attorney may also be able to lessen the long-term impact of a DUI by having the charges reduced or dismissed simply by ensuring that all your rights are protected under the law.