The Skill To Defend You

A primer on guns and marijuana for Indiana renters

When you are renting an apartment, your rights are slightly different than when you are living in a home that you own. Your landlord is the one who sets the rules, with a few restrictions. Violating the terms of your lease can lead to eviction—and no tenant wants that.

For tenants who are gun owners and also use marijuana, there are several tricky issues that arise with renting an apartment. There is a delicate balance between your rights as a citizen of Indiana and the rules that you must obey as a tenant. In this post, we will answer a few commonly asked questions about guns, drugs and apartment rentals.

Can my landlord kick me out if I own a gun?

Technically, yes. While your landlord cannot legally ban you from owning a gun, landlords are allowed to ban guns on their premises. This means that if you keep a gun in your apartment without your landlord’s permission, he would be within his rights to evict you from the building.

If someone breaks in, can I “stand my ground” and shoot them?

Indiana’s “stand-your-ground” laws do permit property owners and tenants to use deadly force against trespassers if necessary. But the application of these laws varies widely according to jurisdiction, judge and the case’s circumstances. In most situations, it is wise to call 911 before firing your weapon on an intruder.

Can my landlord evict me for drug possession? What if I get caught growing weed in my apartment?

Landlords have a lot of discretion when it comes to evicting their tenants. Generally, though, landlords are very strict when it comes to illegal activity on the premises. This is because they could be held responsible for the activities that occur on their property. If you are caught with weed or have been growing marijuana in your apartment, your landlord is likely to evict you—and possibly alert the police.