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Don’t ring in the New Year with a DUI

It may be hard to believe, but the year 2017 has flown by already. Soon, thousands of people across Indiana will be ringing in a brand new year. For many revelers, this holiday will involve a few alcoholic beverages. Champagne in particular is a time-honored tradition. If you are of legal age, celebrating New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day with some bubbly can be a fun way to celebrate—as long as it does not result in a criminal charge like a DUI or an OWI. Before you pop a few too many corks, you should know a few helpful tips to avoid getting in trouble with the law this New Year’s holiday.

  • Find a sober driver

If you decide to go out and indulge in some drinks, plan your ride home ahead of time. Make sure that you and your group of friends designate someone to act as a sober driver. When the time comes to head home, your sober friend can give you a ride.

  • Call a car

There is no reason to drive intoxicated when there are so many options for sober rides. If all of your acquaintances will be drinking, call a professional to give you a lift. Download a ridesharing app like Uber or Lyft, or hail a taxicab. Yes, you will have to pay fare, but it is well worth the cost of avoiding a criminal charge.

  • Take public transportation

If you wish to drink this year, another option for a safe ride is public transportation. Public transport is a cheap, easy way to get from point A to point B without risking arrest for intoxicated driving. The skilled, sober drivers of Indiana’s public transport will get you home safely.

  • Limit your alcohol

The best way to prevent an alcohol-related arrest is to limit your consumption. Enjoy a glass or two of champagne, but do not drink to excess—even if everyone else around you is. This year, choose to drink in moderation for a safe, responsible New Year’s holiday.