The Skill To Defend You

Do you know the ways you could be charged with impaired driving?

Throwing back some drinks with friends, sharing some appetizers, watching the rest of the game on TV then heading home after your team wins sounds like a great night out. Your car is parked out front, and home is only a few minutes away across town, and you feel completely fine. You hop in the car and start on your way.

Fast forward an hour, and you are being arrested for a DUI, or as Indiana refers to it; operating a vehicle while intoxicated (OWI). Depending on what you’ve done between leaving the bar and this moment can significantly change the type of charges you will be facing.

Types of OWIs you could be charged with

There are various types of charges you could face for operating any moving vehicle while under the influence of any kind. All of these are serious and will affect your near and distant future.

  • Aggravated OWI occurs when you are also speeding or breaking the law in another way.
  • Commercial OWI occurs when you are operating a vehicle for work and hold a commercial driver’s license.
  • Drunk biking can also result in an OWI because it is still a vehicle.
  • Felony OWI occurs when another factor is involved such as children in the vehicle or having a revoked license.
  • OWI manslaughter charges happen when you cause an accident due to impaired driving that kills another person.
  • OWI murder charges occur when a person operates a vehicle while under the influence with the intent to kill another person or total disregard for human life.
  • First offense OWI charges can result in two-year license suspension, vehicle confiscation, ignition interlock devices, jail time, community service, and more.
  • Metabolite OWIs occur when medications, drugs or controlled substances are no longer impairing the driver but still show in their system—some states will still consider this a violation of their zero-tolerance approach to impaired driving.

The actions you did and did not take before getting into a vehicle, and the events you cause while driving, can make all the difference between a lesser charge and a more serious one. Think before you drive, and consult with a criminal defense attorney if you ever face any of these OWI charges.