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Avoid a DUI this Halloween

Halloween is a holiday full of treats and tricks–as long as the tricks don’t involve drinking and driving. Even if your Halloween plans involve attending a lot of parties, don’t be tempted to drink and drive. You may be too old to be afraid of ghosts, but an even scarier prospect is being charged with driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Driving under the influence–also known as a DUI– is dangerous and can come with serious criminal penalties. You can use these tips to avoid a DUI this holiday season:

1. Drink in moderation

You may not feel drunk. You may tell yourself that you only had a few drinks. But if you drive with a blood alcohol content of 0.08 or more, you could be charged with a DUI. Control your alcohol consumption this Halloween.

2. Say no to drugs

A DUI can also include driving under the influence of drugs–even prescription ones. If you take any drugs that can impair your driving, you face the risk of a DUI.

3. Take off the mask

If your costume includes a mask, hood or hat that obscures your vision, take it off before driving. Police patrols will be looking for any reason to pull drivers over, and a vision-impeding mask could be that reason.

4. Don’t get behind the wheel

Ultimately, there is no good reason to drive when you are under the influence. Get a ride from a friend, call a taxi or rideshare, or take public transit rather than attempting to drive while intoxicated. Trick-or-treaters, partygoers and police officers alike will appreciate it.

5. Get an attorney

If do end up charged with a DUI this Halloween, contact an attorney who has experience in the areas of drunk driving defense and criminal defense. A skilled attorney can help you fight your Halloween-related DUI charge.