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New laws addressing Indiana’s drug problem

A litany of new Indiana laws took effect on July 1. The set of recently enacted regulations range from ramped-up online sales tax collections to protections for pets left in hot cars.

Two new bills recently passed deal directly with the state’s growing drug abuse problems that often serves as a gateway to criminal activity. The new laws discourage residents from faking drug tests and address the growing opioid problem plaguing the state.

Fake Urine

Used to falsify drug tests, the popular product has been illegal for several years. Yet, stores continued to offer it, creating difficulties for those analyzing drug test samples in spotting the counterfeit bodily fluid.

According to Rep. Greg Beumer, the bill’s author, he was able to purchase fake urine three times. For three ounces, he paid $30 for a PH balanced product containing the correct gravity and all the trace elements found in urine. The sheer sophistication makes detection very challenging.

Drug users in the state will still have access by purchasing fake urine online or in bordering states.

Opioid Limits

The opioid epidemic continues to plague not only Indiana, but also states throughout the country. A state Department of Health report released in June revealed a five-year period that saw an increase in both nonfatal drug overdoses by nearly 60 percent and deadly overdoses by an average of 3.5 percent each year.

State lawmakers went into this past session with an unwavering commitment to fight the alarming and ballooning epidemic. Their diligence paid off as they passed 20 bills related to opioids this spring.

The bill going into effect on July 1 limits the opioid amount doctors can prescribe to children and first-time adult users. Exceptions exist for people suffering from cancer and other particular diseases or those suffering from a substance abuse disorder.