The Skill To Defend You

College students should understand the many type of drug crimes

As a college student, you are presented with a world of opportunities. Unfortunately, some of these opportunities can lead you down the wrong path.

For example, if you get involved with drugs, there is always the chance that you could be arrested in the future. If this happens, you’ll have concerns about the impact on your life moving forward, such as your ability to land a job after graduation.

With all this in mind, the best thing you can do is keep your distance from illegal drugs. Along with this, it makes good sense to learn as much as possible about the many types of drug crimes. This will give you a clear idea of what you can get in trouble for. Here are some of the most common types:

  • Selling, importing, or exporting of drug paraphernalia. This can include but is not limited to rolling papers, bongs, pipes, and syringes.
  • Drug possession. One of the most common types of drug crimes among college students, there are both federal and state laws against the possession of a controlled substance.
  • Drug manufacturing. This includes anything associated with the production of an illegal drug.
  • Drug trafficking. It is illegal to sell, transport, or import an illegal substance.
  • Drug dealing. This is associated with the selling of illegal drugs on a small scale, such as to a small group of friends. While similar to drug trafficking, it’s not as serious because of the small scale approach.

With so much gray area associated with drug crimes, it’s imperative to understand your rights and how to prevent the most serious punishment. Depending on the crime, an arrest and conviction could lead to a large fine and even time in prison. As a result, your time in college could be turned upside down.

Despite the seriousness of a drug crime arrest, it’s good to know that there are defense strategies you can implement to avoid trouble and move on with your life. By consulting with the right legal team, you can do what’s best for you during this difficult time. In the end, you hope that you can avoid a punishment that will hinder your ability to earn your degree and land a job.