The Skill To Defend You

Being Aware Of Public Intoxication

Say you’ve planned a safe night at the bars – arranged for a safe driver, or decided to walk home, you’re not strictly safe from legal issues. For instance, you’re friends and you have decided to call it a night and head home after a night of drinking. Smartly, you all determine that no one is going to drive as you have all been drinking. While walking home you share a funny story from earlier in the evening and one of your loud friend’s laughing catches the attention of a police officer standing across the street. He approaches you and determines you are intoxicated. He may arrest you and charge you right there for public intoxication. Despite your earlier caution you’ve still managed to get in serious trouble for you drinking. Its important to be aware of such instances so you can plan ahead and avoid them.

Police officers even have the right to arrest individuals for public intoxication while outside apartment buildings or dorms. Keeping these facts in mind is important as you plan your evening or spend time with friends when drinking is involved. Being safe, and avoiding being loud, obtuse, violent, or mischievous are great steps to making sure your night remains fun and care free of legal issues.